Water Treatment dosing & control equipment

The specialist water treatment requirements identified in L8/HSG 274 Part 1 for open cooling systems and evaporative condensers normally require automatic dosing and control to ensure the treatment chemicals are dosed and maintained with designed limits.

We have been providing comprehensive dosing and control packages to comply with L8/HSG 274, specialist manufacturers water quality parameters and specific industrial needs, we have also upgraded and converted a number of budget dosing systems to automatic and these are now responsive to the variable nature of cooling water treatment.
Frequently we are asked to utilise existing components and we are happy to undertake this work provided we are confident it is of serviceable quality and spares if needed can be obtained, however we will advise if we believe this is not the best way forward.

The benefit of not being tied to one manufacturer enables us to source spares and provide service and maintenance of control equipment from other manufacturers.

If we do not stock the necessary part we can normally source spares at short notice for most controllers, sensors, dosing pump and solenoids.

Our policy since inception is the provision of high quality control equipment, this gives peace of mind, provide maximum length of life for the plant and reliability for our customers. Similarly we have always provided dosing pumps that can be relied upon to provide reliable accurate dosing with minimal service requirements.  Our policy has paid off for many customers who are still running equipment we supplied in the companies early years.

Customers needs evolve over time and the quality of our equipment is such that when customers process’s change we are frequently happy to restock the equipment because we know there may be another customer who may have a need for this equipment. It is always worth looking at our pre-used range which constantly changes.   Our pre-used equipment is available to purchase (or rent) and normally comes fully serviced with 12 months warranty.

Dosing Equipment

Water Treatment Chemical dosing needs to be undertaken safely and automatic dosing is the preferred way for L8/HSG 274 Part 1 Cooling Water Treatment compliance and similarly BS2486 Boiler Water Treatment and, it goes without saying, secondary domestic water treatment programmes have to be dosed automatically.

Dosing equipment varies dependent upon the application:
A simple but reliable pump running continuously is suitable when processes are continuous and flow rate/treatment needs don’t change.
Timer control can provide dosing at specific intervals, this is frequently used to provide a shot dose eg for cooling system non oxidising biocide dosing
Meter controlled where the dosing pump is linked to a water meter and treatment is applied in proportional to water usage, this is frequently used for inhibitor dosing for cooling towers or to control disinfection treatment in secondary disinfection systems
Redox control uses a redox sensor to measure water conditions and run a dosing pump, brominator or other equipment to maintain treatment close to the desired range. Other sensors (chlorine, chlorine dioxide etc) can be used to measure chemicals and apply treatment.

Electrical signals that are BMS (or other system) generated can also be used to drive chemical treatment dosing.
Our dosing pumps can have a range of internal components to ensure the chemicals do not react adversely with the pump.

Our dosing range runs from 600ml/hr to 120 l/hr and 1 bar – 10 bar pressure

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