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Swimming pools and spa baths provide a healthy and relaxing way to spend leisure time, but a tremendous amount of work is involved in providing a safe and hygienic environment for whoever uses the facilities, be they members of the public, guests, family, friends or staff.

Does your pool suffer from any of the following?

        • Eye irritation, Erratic pH levels, Cloudy Water, Green Water, Brown staining on the tiles, Loose or missing tiles

These are just a few of the possible problems that may be encountered when running a pool, all of which may require expert advice to correct. There are a multitude of human, environmental and design factors, which can play a part in affecting the quality of your pool water, and these may change continuously, making pool operation fraught with difficulty.

While on-site basic testing of the pool water will give a general idea of water conditions, the Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group (PWTAG) recommend that independent advice is sought to enable correct and hygienic water treatment. Specialist testing for chemical parameters and microbiological levels on a regular basis, and maintenance of chemical levels within recommended guidelines, can give you not only a clear sparkling and safe pool, but also peace of mind.

Contact us for advice, chemical supply, testing equipment, and independent chemical and microbiological testing. We have personnel who are trained Pool Plant Operators and all recommendations are guided by: –

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