Regular & Emergency Cleaning and Disinfection

We pride ourselves in having developed extensive expertise throughout the company covering a wide range of cleaning and disinfection services that are carried out in a safe and efficient manner. We have frequently reduced job down time and in many instances provided enhanced site environmental impact by using new techniques and products that have improved clients performance profiles compared with traditional disinfection methods. Our engineers carry on their vehicles, at all times, the necessary and up-to-date equipment and products to undertake all but the largest cleaning, disinfection and dosing jobs. The following can normally be dealt with from any of our vehicles, which means we are normally well placed to respond at short notice or in emergency situations:
  • Mains disinfection to BS8558 / L8
  • Domestic Cistern/Tank clean and disinfection
  • Domestic down service disinfection
  • Calorifier/Water heater clean and disinfection
  • Cooling tower clean and disinfection
  • Fountain / water feature clean and disinfection
  • Rainwater recycling tank clean, disinfection and refill
We back up the practical job with appropriate documentation for your records to comply with L8/HSG274, BS8558 or other standards that may apply. We believe we have one of the largest in-house pumping capacities of any water treatment company and can and regularly do move over 100 tons of water per hour – provided your drain can cope ! Contact us with details of your water system and cleaning needs and we will provide guidance and advice about how your system can best be cleaned and disinfected.

Clean & Disinfection Training

Other activities regularly undertaken by RWS at the same time as cleaning and disinfection include:

  1. Remedial water system works, dead ends, TMVs etc;
  2. Cistern/Tank replacement, repairs and relining;
  3. Cooling tower repairs, repacking and drift eliminator replacement;
  4. Acid descale and system desludging;
Regular & Emergency Cleaning and Disinfection

HSG274 Part 1 Figure 1.5

HSG274 Part 1 details inspection requirements for Cooling tower pack an photographs to illustrate condition and possible actions.

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