Logbooks & Electronic Record Systems

Logbooks & Electronic Record Systems

The Health & Safety Executive Approved Code of Practice (ACoP L8) “Control of Legionella Bacteria in Water Systems” relates to all commercial, industrial and municipal properties which have water systems and within ACoP L8 there are specific requirements regarding record keeping.

Para 73 To ensure that precautions continue to be applied and that adequate information is available, where there are five employees or more, you must keep a record of the assessment, the precautionary measures, and the treatments. All records should be signed, verified or authenticated by those people performing the various tasks assigned to them.

Para 74 The following items should normally be recorded:

  • names and positions of people responsible, and their deputies, for carrying out the various tasks under the written scheme;
  • a risk assessment and a written scheme of actions and control measures;
  • schematic diagrams of the water systems;
  • details of precautionary measures that have been applied/implemented including enough detail to show that they were applied/implemented correctly, and the dates on which they were carried out;
  • remedial work required and carried out, and the date of completion;
  • a log detailing visits by contractors, consultants and other personnel;
  • cleaning and disinfection procedures and associated reports and certificates;
  • results of any chemical and biological monitoring/analysis;
  • information on other hazards, eg treatment chemicals;
  • cooling tower and evaporative condenser notification (if applicable);
  • training records of personnel;
  • the name and position of the person or people who have responsibilities for implementing the written scheme, their respective responsibilities and their lines of communication;
  • records showing the current state of operation of the water system, eg when the system or plant is in use and, if not in use, whether it is drained down;
  • either the signature of the person carrying out the work, or other form of authentication where appropriate.

Client Logbook Login

Responsible Person Training

RWS have comprehensive hardcopy physical logbooks /Record systems for: –

  • Cooling water systems
  • Domestic hot & cold water systems
  • Closed systems (Heating & Chilled)

It takes many days to create all the sections, forms and procedures that make up a compliant Legionella logbook record keeping system. If you like your physical hardcopy then let RWS supply you with a system that has been inspected by enforcing authorities many times.

Logbooks & Electronic Record Systems

Electronic record keeping

If one site creates just 20 results a month the “Responsible Person” for an organisation with 100 sites needs to keep their eye on 24,000 results a year & have records for the last 5 years! Allow our software to track everything, but only highlight potential problems. Leaving you to make management decisions based on rapidly available information. The alert system is simple if nothing falls out of specification there is nothing to manage. When there are faults you will know!

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