Industrial manufacturing plants

Industrial manufacturing plants

While it is inevitable that Legionella control quite correctly features heavily within industrial water treatment it is perhaps one area where other factors have equal importance.

The need for operational efficiency and cost minimisation, consistency or the ability to reduce down-time can have a significant impact on production and achieving performance targets. Combine this with the ongoing demand for greener operation and water saving targets, and sustainable water and waste use and it is clear manufacturing require cost effective water management solutions.

The avoidance of negative outcomes such as scaling reducing thermal efficiency, or slimes reducing flow rates, causing un-planned operational shutdowns (along with health risks) is essential. Therefore water pre-treatment and chemical treatment must be applied and monitored in order to keep systems clean and reliable.

RWS select from traditional approaches to water treatment but are open and flexible in developing the right approach to create the right water treatment programme for our clients’ business.

Additional process water uses are also frequently present on site and these can have their own particular specialist treatment needs.


Do contact us to discuss your specific application and needs and we can usually design a suitable package that provides safe economic management and control for your water systems.

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