HSG274 Part 2 Domestic water treatment chemicals

Rainbow Water Services Ltd supply a range of domestic water treatment chemicals traditionally used for treatment of wholesome water systems (hot & cold services).

Temperature control and good design are likely the 1st choice for these systems, however, sometimes we have to work with old systems or poor design, and there may be cases where to ensure safety and compliance, secondary dosing is the best option.

M456HPS is a patented* multicomponent disinfectant. The oxidising agent used is hydrogen peroxide, which is bonded with stabilising agents to form a complex solution. A long-lasting effect is ensured by the addition of silver which acts as a catalyst in trace amounts. The bactericidal effect of silver is based on the fact that the monovalent silver ion binds very firmly to bacterial proteins by a covalent or coordinate bond, and thus inactivates or precipitates these. Key features include:

Effectiveness against bacteria, viruses, amoebae, fungi and algae. This extremely wide range of application ensures ease of use as only one chemical is needed, rather than multiple products with other disinfectants.

Offers extremely good stability which ensures excellent shelf life. The product remains stable at high water/air temperatures; its effectiveness is even increased at high temperatures.
Long-term effectiveness which provides protection against re-contamination making it ideally suitable for the disinfection of drinking water pipework and wells.

Its principal constituent – hydrogen peroxide – breaks down into water and oxygen.
The two main constituents (H2O and Ag) offer a two pronged attack so the bactericidal effect comes into action quicker and more intensively than if either substance was used on its own.

Domestic water treatment chemicals

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BS2486 Steam boiler water system chemicals

Treatment choice is a specialist decision, typically based on BS 2486, and we can provide technical experteese to assess your particular application and provide guidance to help you.

BSRIA Closed System chemicals

Our products are based around those discussed in BSRIA BG50:2013, other products use specialist technology developed for the water treatment industries changing needs.

HSG274 Part 1 Cooling water chemicals

Most of our products are as described in ACoP L8/HSG 274 Part 1, other products use specialist technology developed for the water treatment of commercial and industrial evaporative cooling systems.

Water system Test kits

We hold stock of a wide selection of specialist test kits and spare reagents ideal for mobile technicians.

Water Treatment dosing & control equipment

The specialist water treatment requirements identified in L8/HSG 274 Part 1 for open cooling systems and evaporative condensers normally require automatic dosing and control to ensure the treatment chemicals are dosed and maintained within designed limits.

We provide, install and service a wide variety of water treatment equipment. Our warehouse stocks a selection of spares and we can readily obtain parts for most pre-treatment plant.
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