Cleaning & Disinfection Training Course

HSG 274 Part 2 Disinfection – Theoretical and Practical Training- Full day

The disinfection of small cold water systems should be carried out by competent plumbing operatives. This course aims to ensure operatives have the knowledge and skills to complete cleaning and disinfection of domestic water systems.

The tutor will illustrate how disinfection should be carried out, the training is aimed at practicing plumbing/operatives who have sound knowledge of hot and cold water systems but need to add chemical disinfection skills.

Cleaning & Disinfection Training Course includes:

  • Cleaning methods
  • disinfection process,
  • test kit use, including a practical
  • Microbiological and Legionella sampling
  • Mains water disinfection
  • Certificates and Record Keeping


Cleaning & Disinfection Training

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