BSRIA Closed System monitoring

There is significant current guidance and recommendations for the control of water-side conditions In closed systems.  BS 8552:2012 Sampling and monitoring of water from building services closed systems – Code of practice and BSRIA Guide BG50/2013 Water Treatment for Closed Heating and Cooling Systems are perhaps two of the most significant.

Rainbow Water Services closed system (Heating and chilled) water treatment programmes are controlled by our  service standard (009) . This standard includes the provision of water treatment products, on site analytical and monitoring services, and the associated corrective action, maintenance, reporting and record- keeping.

The appropriate water treatment programme should be capable of controlling corrosion, scale formation, fouling and bacteria. It will include appropriate measures, e.g. regular monitoring, inspection, and dosing to support the system’s ongoing cleanliness.

The engineer who will be initiating the programme will meet on site and will ensure that the programme is correctly set up, the role and expectations of both parties is understood and, where appropriate, the service user’s staff are given the necessary instruction in the aspects of the programme via a Toolbox talk and or specific site training.

Where water treatment services are provided a bespoke record system can be provided which outlines the programme design. This record system can be paper based and or electronic. The engineer attending site will support the service user via programme initiation, execution and management. Each site visit is recorded on a site visit report form, and copies are e-mailed to the customer for their record system. Each visit on site also is gone through in a review meeting and is signed by the customer.

Joint reviews take place annually using an Annual Review Form.

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RWS submit proposals that formulate the sampling and analysis plan in accordance with the client’s needs, sometimes this is an adaption of the current guides, including objectives, numbers of fixed sample points, and applicable test parameters. Typically RWS recommend testing at least every three months to monitor and maintain water quality. (Some business critical or process critical systems might require more frequent monitoring).
BSRIA Closed System monitoring

Closed System Control Association (CSCA)

"The maintenance of water quality in closed circuit heating/cooling systems is all too often a contentious subject, as fouling and corrosion problems are exacerbated by a number of factors both in the operation and in the supply and management of the water treatment particularly during the early life of such systems. The ‘blame game’ all too often results in expensive and vexatious litigation proceedings." Closed System Control Association (CSCA)

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