BS2486 Steam boiler monitoring

The current version of BS 2486:1997 was first published in 1978 and confirmed as still applicable in 2018 it gives recommendations for the control of water-side conditions of steam boilers and water heaters and also for the preparation of feedwater for steam boilers. A more recently guide BG04 and European guide BS EN 12953-10:2003 Shell boilers. Requirements for feedwater and boiler water quality, confirm the guidance requirements for good water quality.

Rainbow Water Services boiler water treatment programmes are designed to increase thermal efficiency, reliability of plant, steam purity and reduce maintenance costs of repairs & chemical cleaning. This is achieved by minimising corrosion, sludge precipitation or the formation of deposits that can lead to structural failure of the smoke tubes (Scale).

BS2486 Steam boiler monitoring:

Most steam raising plant will require careful control of feedwater and boiler water pH, alkalinity, oxygen scavenger, phosphate, dissolved solids and many more parameters. RWS service visits carefully consider all of these and make recommendations on: –

  • Blowdown routines and controls – essential to prevent excessive build-up of dissolved solids and impurities in the boiler water but also requires minimising for cost efficiency.
  • Scale control – essential to prevent low efficiency and in extreme cases even tube bending or failure.
  • Corrosion control – Minimise the degradation of the plant thus increasing its service life.
  • Dispersants for sludge control — Assists bottom blowdown to reduce sediment and keep surfaces clear.

Rainbow Water Services boiler water treatment programmes cater for the following categories of water heating or steam-raising plant (BS 2486):

  1. shell (fire-tube) boilers operating at pressures up to 30 bar
  2. water-tube boilers operating up to critical pressure 
  3. electrode boilers
  4. hot water systems (closed systems)
  5. once-through boilers, including ‘coil’ and ‘hairpin’ types, operating up to, or above, the critical pressure.
BS2486 Steam boiler monitoring

Boiler Water Pre-Treatment

In recent years Reverse Osmosis (RO) has become the main method of producing higher quality feed water (in place of dealkalisation and demineralisation) often to reduce safety issues of chemical handling.

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