Advice regarding Legionella Control During the COVID-19 Outbreak

The Government requirements this week to implement home working and close a wide range of businesses
will have an immediate impact upon the water hygiene of your buildings.

Guidance today from the Legionella Control Association (LCA) reminds us the even in current
circumstances, the continuing requirement to maintain compliance with mandatory controls are essential.

This means site water systems must be:

  • either be maintained effectively in compliance with the requirements of HSG274 or
  • must be closed down in a safe manner.

Upon start up, when systems are brought back into use, the systems will need to be fully cleaned,
disinfected, recommissioned (and potentially subject to enhanced sampling).

Specific guidance for Cooling Towers
Cooling towers must be operated in full compliance with HSG274 Part 1, which will require external specialist
technical service attendance, weekly site involvement and regular sampling testing.

If the towers are to be shut down for an extended period, they must be safely and properly shut down as per
the Written Scheme.

Start-up will require cleaning, disinfection and recommission of the water system.

The LCA guidance also identifies that our client’s Duty Holders must be informed. If site access is denied that they (Dutyholder) must be formally notified of the need to continue with full control measures or the system must be properly shut down as per shut down procedures. More……

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